Are you Licensed & Insured?

Yes, I am licensed with MA Building Association. I also have work & personal   liability insurance

Do you pull permits?

Absolutely.. I play 100% by the book, all permits are pulled within the Town, inspections are called in & all work is completed by code per City/County specs.

Do I have to sign a Contract?

If work requested is greater than a specific dollar, yes I ask  customers to sign a contract. This way it protects the customer & myself, each party has a complete understanding of what is being covered within the contracted rate. If additional services are requested during project an amendment will be drafted

How does payments work?

I generally split the total cost of the contract in 3rd’s
– First payment is due upon signing contract
– Second payment is due upon completion of ½ work completed
– Final payment due upon “sign off” of constructions permits by the Town

Do you take all trash/ construction debris?

Yes, trash removal including dumpster rental (if needed) is included within contract